About Rev. James    

I was  born in Niles, Illinois-a suburb of Chicago.

I had a very hard start in life. I am one of four children, I was the third child. My childhood was steeped in physical violence and alcohol abuse.

I at times lived in extreme poverty. I was in an environmental accident in 1991 and scheduled to die. I through love, recovered and I have since raised two accomplished children. That is the short version.

I believe that my childhood taught me, what love was not. My accident taught me, to have faith. My children taught me, that love is real.

I have written and produced music for over 20 years. I am a 14 time, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers – popular awards panel, award recipient.

I am a licensed minister, I am the founder of Psychic Radio Readings.Com and Pastor, founder, CEO, of Environmental Life Ministries.Org. I am real, caring and loving.

I have needed help in my life; I have received help in my life and I am committed to helping with my life.