Psychic Answers by Rev James 11/1/2013 Psychic Chakra System (2)

The Chakra System and the Fifth Dimension:    ghjjkk


The chakra system is the gateway to the true dimensional reality that exists beyond the earth plane. It is important to try to understand what the chakra functions are used for. In my last blog I gave general description of the chakras from 8-15 and I touched on the fact that the fifth dimension awakening occurs in the 16th chakra. The chakras 16-22 are very important in maintaining balance in the fifth dimension and to reach the highest levels of 5th dimensional consciousness.

I believe that opening your first 12 chakras is the most important key for true enlightenment. When a person activates his/her Christ consciousness the rest merely fall in place. The ethereal chakras do not hold energy in the same way as your first seven chakras and  do not clutter with junk as much.  The hard wiring of an ethereal chakra is more likely to need adjusting. I have found unusual blocks in the charkas especially in the 10th chakra.  This is sometimes associated with the past life pearls placed there from the 11th chakra.

I find it easier to not to get caught in the actual reasons for blocks or placement or change in the hard wiring. I believe you could spend too much time on that kind of probing and get taken off track on the true purpose of refracting the removal or doing the actual rewiring. When an individual is capable of that type of introspection the individual can easily have as much time as they want to unveil the cause and history. The practioner usually never has that much time. I find that if the information jumps forward and it reveals its causality, one should convey to the client the history or cause.

The depth and functioning of each chakra can only be revealed correctly in a class study and not in a short blog. This blog gives a general idea what to look for, feel, see, and know. If you find a block and cannot remove it, get help from a professional.

16th chakra (light golden white) ascension chakra connection to the monad or I am presence seat of the soul

17th charka (light violet white) contains source energy light, God consciousness light, and the pyramid of higher ascension (trinity light)

18th chakra (liquid gold) divine source mapping, individual component source agreement center.

19th chakra (magenta gold) Heart expansion of the Christ consciousness, monadic level expansion and I Am oneness

20th charka (purple blue gold) telepathic oneness, no physical relationship just being in oneness as oneness-no space reality

21st chakra (light cobalt blue gold) the creation soul life center, all soul evolutional history, divine sight structure consciousness

22nd chakra (platinum) God Source connection, Trinity God Head connection, Prime Creator connection

All the chakras co-mingle to a slight degree. All chakras not only work with light but also with sound. The study of the higher dimension chakras was only taught through years of experience from the true masters. The new ascension will allow for the awaking of your true soul oneness, much more quickly. What use to take years, now will happen in weeks or months! Get joyfully excited. A sound chart is below.


Hindu Tones

Root chakra Lam
Second chakra Vam
Solar Plexus chakra Ram
Heart chakra Yam
Throat chakra Ham
Third eye chakra Om
Crown chakra Aum



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