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You’re not to just deny your feelings. You’re to address your feelings.

I AM feeling “this” This does not serve me.

I cancel this for I know in truth I AM a light.


As long as you claim to be wounded it is still serving you. 

You are not wounded; maybe confused. I cancel that thought.

I know I AM a child of divinity and I have clear perfect thinking when I choose to apply it.


I choose to apply it now and step into truth.

I AM God’s child, a voice of truth in a storm trying to confuse me.


“I may not be from here” but you chose to be here.

“I feel a longing and an emptiness and very alone.”

I release these feelings. They don’t serve me and choose to open to the possibility of an earth experience that allows me to be honored and happy.


I call for truth that I AM worthy of an enlightened relationship.

Till then I will honor myself in the truth that people like me and people care about me.


“I may not be from here” but I chose to have this earth experience.

How can I make it better?


I identify three areas where I am choosing to make a transformational shift.


First, I AM choosing happiness. I allow grace to afford me the knowledge to accept and identify what makes me happy. I will look at each day and Identify moments that brought a good feeling and journal about them each night.

I will identify patterns where similar truths really make me happy.


In that accumulated knowledge, I will build a world from a passion to have happiness all day every day.


Secondly, I will identify where my passion is and I will apply it to my employment.


I will understand there are no limits to my income potential when I do what I love, for I will excel as never before because it will bring me  joy and happiness to live my passion.


Third, I will allow love to enter my life that I may feel and experience the human truth found in a good relationship and the enlightened experience of a mutual adoration.


I command and give full permission to have the highest level of attainment. I wish to connect not just physically and mentally but spiritually also and I will experience a co- mingling of souls and the peace of grace as it is gifted to me.


I will accept no other truths but all that I AM creating.

I will cancel all other truths and root all my truth that I AM the creator and in this truth I make theses creations.


I place all that I AM in divine truth within the expansion of oneness for only grace will allow me the wisdom to achieve all that I AM and the tools to execute all that I wish to create.


I cannot do this on my own, for I wish what is only in my best and highest interest and yet I AM in my humanness unable to know all that is in my best and highest interest. Therefore I allow Grace to bring forth my completeness with ease and grace.


 I hope you find  this helpful

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James

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    Thank you so much for this! I very much appreciate it!


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