Psychic Answers By Rev James- Here and Now Manifestation Opening

The current energies are confusing to many. I must say I have been enjoying the energy and I love to be in a state of manifestation and creation.  We are indeed in a time of openings for manifestation. Please take the next ten days to create a wish fulfillment.  Yes, we can always manifest and make creations but sometime the energy fields are easier to create in because of increased reception.  Now is such a time.

I channel many guides and earlier this month a new guide came in to tell it is “here now” the time of great creation. The guide was from 12th dimensional Lyra and he came in strong saying here now and to tell everyone about the open reception for creation connection. His name is Aqui and at the time, his name did not mean anything to me. I have since learned that his name in Spanish means”here” just as his message to me, has been.

Do you want better health, or more money, a new job, deeper spirituality, a new car, to move, release from relationship problems. If so, “Here Now” is the time to create. You can bring today’s creations  forward. Some of us are having instantaneous manifestations. I have experienced it myself.  I have heard from my circle of psychic friends they are instantaneously manifesting also.

The more joy, love and happiness you can create or generate towards your creation the easier it will be brought forward. Even if you are not in the space of creation, all manifestation works best in that energy. Remember that negative creates more negative, So don’t be cursing another person, thinking that kind of creation will ease your pain. When manifesting in low vibrations we create more unpleasant life lessons. Instead manifest freedom or release of all in your life, that does not serve you.

I always say wish for what is in your Best and Highest Interest and ask for it to be brought forth with Ease and Grace.  

The place to start to create a manifestation is from the deepest depth of your heart. Open your heart by bringing thoughts of the deepest love you has ever felt and through intention your heart will open.  Once your heart is open place you dream, desire, wish, or manifestation in to your open heart space . Surround the manifestation with love( wrap it like a gift with your love), feel it, or see it, feel the joy, the happiness, the knowing as it is being held by you in your God Source-I am presence. The next step is to then, imagine your manifestation getting bigger, wider and expanding out from your heart- expanding, expanding, bigger and bigger in to the universe and then release it to the oneness to manifest.

 The “Oneness”   I thought previously was way out there in space, but the Oneness is everywhere.  If you can manifest or expand your dreams into the ethers of outer space wonderful.  The truth is the Oneness is microscopic in distance and starts with in your “I am” presence. It is not necessary to get caught up how far you expand your manifestations, it is just necessary to release it by intention in to the Oneness.

 Lastly: You must “Allow” your manifestation to be brought forward with no predisposition as to how, why, when.  Hopefully you did your manifestation and releasing with intention; and for the creation to be in your Best and Highest Interests and with Ease and Grace. If you did all will be received perfectly.  It just takes faith, trust, and knowing.  

Enjoy, and imagine the happiness and your creation being brought forward.

 “Here Now” is a manifestation opening with great receptivity, Get to work and let me know what kind of miracles you created.

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev  James


  1. Karyn Reply

    thank you for this Rev. James. I was led to your show today and I felt blessed to read this on your request. I was feeling so enlightened and now I feel knocked off centre. Truth and Illusion are swirling and I am feeling lost confused disllusioned shame and regrets for how I have created up to now. Instead of wanting to give up I will again in faith step forward to surrender and recreate.
    I pray for strenght courage clarity and love Happy Spring Namaste’

  2. Karyn Reply

    thank you for this Rev. James. I was led to your show today and I felt blessed to read this on your request.

  3. Jeanne Fore Reply

    Thank Rev.James,I feel so much better after talking with you yesterday,after all these years of asking questions about what was going on with me,you were the only one to give me the answers,thank and GOD bless soon as my manifestation comes in I will be making a donation so that someone else can be help.

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