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Get Grounded:

I use the term “Grounding” a lot in my intuitive readings. I find when people are out of balance and they are being confused a lot or can’t seem to find focus, they can be helped by grounding. There are hundreds of ways to get grounded. I of course will just speak on a couple.

I have seen people change their whole life using three methods – grounding, protection and manifestation. Seeing people who are ungrounded is very common. They are the people who are projecting anger, they are feeling fear, they are scattered in thoughts and direction. Without being anchored correctly to the earth we are subject to a similar experience, as an unanchored boat on water. There is no way to stay in the present.

If you are living in the past or always living in the future grounding will help you a lot. The past is already over and the future may or may not be happening; only when you are anchored in the “now” are you really living in reality. To create the life you really want you must be operating in the “now”. Only when you are front and center in the “now” can change occur. You cannot change the past and there will only be change in the future, if you choose something in the “now” that will cause that change for your future.

The most common grounding method I use and teach is the tree method. It is very simple you, imagine you are a tree and you spread roots through you feet into the earth deep and wide. Have your roots go as deep and wide as you can imagine. These are energy roots.  You do not need to be standing on the earth directly for this to be effective; have the roots just go through the floor. Roots can break cement so do not be concerned where you are standing, but rather on intentionally sending rooted energy deep and wide to anchor you. Remember a tree only bends in the mightiest of storms because it is anchored with its roots deep and wide into the earth. Try to have your roots go so deep that they reach the center of the earth or as wide as a mile. Don’t forget to draw that earth grounding energy back into you physical body.

When you are walking into a hostile confrontation in the office at work; prepare by grounding and as the projections of hostility are thrown, you will only bend and they will not break you.  This can be done before family events, etc. I suggest you ground every day. There may be days you need to ground again and again. Grounding can make all the emotional difference in your stability, and clarity. It makes it much easier to stay centered in your authenticity. You need to always be as anchored as possible.

Another grounding practice I use is a grounding cord; when doing a lot of spiritual work it is very important to remain grounded. We want to have our human experience and our spiritual experience. If you do not ground regularly you can operate in such a high state of spirituality that you can be deemed as too far from reality.( even if both experiences are reality, one is not an earth reality). Grounding makes sure you always stay connected to this earth reality.

I use my imagination to take a grounding cord from my heart and have it go down through my root chakra, then through my ground star about one foot below where ever you are standing. Then I send  the cord all the way down into the crystalline core of Mother Earth and attach it to the ground. You may just imagine there is a hook there with your name, used just for this purpose or a large rock. This is highly effective.

On occasion a person may need help grounding and it may take a seasoned professional to help you ground.  This can happen when the energy transmissions you are receiving are very intense and occur when you are awake instead of when you are sleeping. It can be scary but fear really adds to your confusion. So remain calm and call for help.  You can be reground in just minutes.

I have worked with parents of children who have autism. I have found that helping their child ground each morning really works. It is as simple and taking the child by the ankles and helping the child send energy through the feet into the ground. (The parent’s energy through the hands then through the child’s feet) I believe autistic children are just operating more in the fifth dimension, than here in the denser vibrational earth. 

There is a process called earth-ing you can search the web on it- it works to heal the body.  It is another way of grounding.  Earth-ing is amazing and I have done it. Being naked on the ground is the most effect way- using a blanket on top, if you have neighbors?  I could go on and on, all this really works.  Get Grounded!!!

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev Jay

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