Psychic Answers by Rev James – Cutting Ethereal Cords


How and why I am always cutting cords:


Ethereal cords are often seen by people who have third eye vision. To me they are usually thin like thread and many times they have a rainbow of different colors depending where they are attached . Theses cords are indicators to what a person allows into their energy field.

Ethereal cords extend from a source and are connected to a person, experience, a desire, animals, angles, etc. A cord attachment can occur with or without your knowledge. They occur sometimes from past lives, childhood, pets or experiences we let in. The reason why they are important is they influence what energy we are allowing to affect our lives and energy bodies. When we allow negative energy in through a cord we can be having a repeated human experience that results in unhappiness.

I see people who have had many failed love relationships that were not in their best and highest interest. Each failed relationship leaving a cord attachment to the heart, or other charka’s. When negative cord attachments are not removed they cluster and draw more of the same experience. You have no place for new cords to attach that you do want . I have seen cords attached that are from people who have worked with dark energy,  stolen from others, past life trauma or childhood trauma.

We all have cords that are beautiful and bring in good energy. These cords carry the color essences of attachment done in a positive nature. These are cords of eternal love and may have carried from past life lessons or are this life experiences that will carry on throughout eternity.  Correct love experiences become imprinted into the universal oneness and even when the physical body ends the imprinted love carries with the spirit always. If someone you love dies their spirit still carries all the love shared, from lifetime to lifetime for all eternity.  An imprint is different than a cord. A negative cord will not imprint for eternity but can stay attached until it is corrected or released.

These may show up as karma sometimes. A correction of a negative experience can release a cord or a cord can be cut or removed. A cut or removed cord can reattach if the experience is allowed to repeat.  The importance of cutting a cord is to allow for a new cord attachment that brings forth what is in your best and highest interest.  When you are working from your heart; allowing love to bring what is in your best and highest interest, you will or are on the right path and most cord attachments will be imprinted.

We are all human and even the most enlightened person does or may get a negative cord attachment. It may be unconscious or a conscious choice; it is all part of the human experience. I cut cords regularly and there are simple and advanced methods depending on the nature of the cord attachment. In this article I am going to present the simplest method. This method is very effective and advanced intuitive or psychic skills are not needed.

Intention and opening to divine spirit and love are all you need. You do not need to see the cords you need or wish to cut. You may feel, imagine or just know you are working with negative cords. Cords of love and positive cords cannot be cut so do not be fearful  you can cut the wrong cord.  Always upon removing a cord remember to fill the space with light. I use the Christed Light or Divine Holy Light; again intention will bring in the highest light.  

Being specific can help in assuring a cord is cut. General cord cutting of unidentified cords still can work. A person’s name or a specific experience can be used. This is the terminology I use on my regularly cord cutting practices.


Divine Heavenly Father/Source ; I thank you for your love and I seek healing: I call on your help, please allow your angels  to come to my assistance.

I call in fathers’ most beloved angle; Arch Angle Michael,  Arch Angle Michael I thank you for your assistance. I ask that you remove all negative cord attachments anything that does not serve in my best and highest interests. Specifically cords relating to_________________ . I ask that these cords be pulled from their roots. I ask that you cut these cords with your mighty sword and every cut  cord  be brought to heaven, to be transmuted in the divine light never to return to earth again. I thank you for your assistance.

 I call in Arch Angle Metatron; I ask that you infuse the Christed light everywhere a cord has been cut and removed, I thank you with gratitude.

I call in the Holy Spirit and I ask that you intercede where my humanness may have failed. I thank all the Angles and I seal this healing in the name of Christ consciousness.  Amen, Amen, Amen.

Always protect yourself when doing energy work. The diamond dome is a very effective method for protection. Most cords can be removed with the above directions.  If you ever feel like you need assistance, seek a professional whom you can trust.  These methods are shared in my blogs because everyone should know how to protect and clear for themselves.

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James








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