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The New Moon of Jan, 15 2014 has brought forth the completion of the foundation we manifested in 2013. This vibrational shift shall help to buffer some of the new 2014 energies. The integration on Jan 17, will bring a calm and peace. When the next energy comes in, it will be more fluid and less abrupt. Thanks, to the foundation we assisted in creating.

 My guides say for me to give thanks for a job well done; many have gone through some difficult changes.He states there is no going back and we are to move forward rapidly.

This process shall be effectively transparent worldwide within seven years, from 12-21-2012. It will be effectively complete in 21 years, according to my guides. We shall be living united in oneness. Now we must transform our relationships on things, life and even people, because all that we have relied on no longer brings us fulfillment. We shall ascend to a state of “perfect love”. It is a hard concept to understand and I am even gaining new levels of understanding daily of what “perfect love” is.

The first concept to understand is that in the fifth dimensional experience; there is no “not perfect love”. In our third dimensional experience; there is love that is ego shared and does not carry all the truths of divine love. Love is a universal thought but it has been taught incorrectly and can be conveyed incorrectly. When you reach a fifth dimensional living experience, the divine perfectness of Source love is achieved by grace and we ascend forward in our divine nature.

This divine nature and perfect love happens when you have discovered your own divine acceptance and you commit and align to the authenticity of your “Source Love” and truth within your being. Within the depth of your divine truth and in divine love you will experience true fulfillment, in every moment, never wrong and never fleeting, in essence “perfect”.  In this perfectness there is never change, its truth is a constant. The fifth dimensional experiences create for the first time true certainty in your happiness, joy and fulfillment. 

When you finally align to your divine self and you open to its realization and you embody it, you bring forth a truly ascended life of experience; you become enlightened and start the new beginning promised. When we choose this experience all becomes timeless and eternal.  It is very exciting and holds for every person fulfillment.

We are here to experience, grow, and be. It is in the “now” we take the steps for tomorrow. I wrote this in the “now”. With this message I have clarified a path forward for me. I still have to become “perfect love” When I get and understand the many different levels of this message. I will bring forth more clarity to inspire you to move forward. When you do not see perfect love in others then you are not seeing as Source God does. We are all perfect love and we are to create our timeless and eternal existence.

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James

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