Psychic Answers by Rev James 09/15/2013-Psychic Chakra System (1)

The chakra system changes with ascension.

It is not actually until you open up your 16th chakra that you enter into the true levels of the 5th dimensional experience of expansion. Once in the 5th dimension you can open up to chakras 16th -22nd .

There is much confusion about the chakras since the ability to reach the higher levels of consciousness and the awareness of the higher chakras were only available to the masters or teachers. The thinning of the veil and the ascension has made the availability for all to commune in the 5th dimension.

It is fundamental to understand the functions of the many chakras so that one can reach theses higher levels of consciousness. I feel it is so important I will devote two blogs on this discussion. People have worked on chakras 1-7 to balance, clear and awaken to an enlightened state of consciousness despite having the weight of the third dimensional restrictions. Many students would give up early because reaching true levels of enlightenment was difficult.   

The ascension has opened up the pathways to theses higher levels and now it can be reach with considerably more ease. I am going to give a brief description of the higher chakras functions.

Chakra 8 (sea foam green) energy center of divine love, spiritual activation of 7th charka, the seat of the soul or base of spiritual existence.

9th chakra (blue-green) cell structure of the body of light, soul blueprint, remembrance of all lifetime abilities.

10th chakra (pearlescent) divine creativity, integration of polarities male and female within self, soul alignment, spiritual activation of 9th chakra abilities.

11th chakra (pink orange) advanced spirituality, past life releasing, telekinesis, teleportation, bi-location

12th chakra (gold) Christ Consciousness, connection to the monadic level of divinity, ascension connection to the cosmos, spiritual activation

13th chakra (violet pink ) healing manifestation,, materialization  an dematerialization, transformational vibration energy

14th chakra (dark blue violet) divine plan review and evaluating, universal consciousness.

15th chakra (pink magenta) universal logos, monadic connection, soul stabilization.

The higher dimensional chakras 8-15 work with the lower 7 chakras. The chakras are used to download or upload information to our planet and allow energy to move into the 5th dimension. The 16th chakras is the first operating chakra in the 5th dimension and eventually all people will have access and be operating from this level of expansion. I will share more on this weeks most sought after answer.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay


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