Psychic answers by Rev James 10/15/2013 Out of Body Experiences/Astral Projection

Out of Body Experiences happen all the time.

I know people who astral travel and have all kind of experiences. I ask not to remember my astral traveling now because a psychic can get tired from working during the day and then traveling or working all night. When psychic information first started coming in for me, it was at night and during what most people call sleep. Psychic information is always available for everyone when you are ready to receive it, many times people are the most allowing when they are between sleep and awake. 

Once your abilities start, you wish to master them. This is a matter of practice, clearing and being open. I learned how to direct my out of body experiences (OBE’s from this point on) many years ago. I started knowing I was having Obe’s when I was quite young. Obe’s are also known as astral traveling or astral projections.

This is how my first experience went; I went to bed as I regularly do. I was about 17. I did not remember the spirit and physical separating or actually leaving my body the first several times. When I did awake; I was already in a parallel dimension, I was floating but I was awake cognitively and I knew I was in our home and there was my father sleeping below me. I was floating over him up by the ceiling.

This was not a blurry perception. It was crystal clear. I started to scream at him wake up, wake up- as I hovered in a circular motion unable to stop myself from floating all over the room -I did not know the screaming was simultaneously coming from my physical body. I  kept screaming at him. I was abruptly transported back into my physical with a hard slam; I was being shaken by a family member who was awakened and frightened by the screaming. I did not tell them of my experience. My religious background prevented me discussing psychic experiences in the home.

I got pretty good at astral projecting and I learned to control my movements. Interestingly movement through walls or solid objects is possible. I also learned how to have controlled separation from the physical body. I first started by not doing a total separation but by doing a sitting up position in the shape of an L. I would lay flat and then I would move the energy though my body centering it, at the waist line. I could actually experience half separation in the sitting position and could enter this parallel dimension. I did not stop there as I mastered separation from the physical I started to think of ways to utilize this gift and started to plot locations. I again became proficient at going exactly where I plotted.

I utilize other methods for leaving the body – I used the roll out where you just imagine you are rolling right out of your body. I have tried sliding out also. The best way, with the least disorientation is parallel lift straight out. Once you have learned to separate you must learn to control movement and it is easy. You just use commands through thought.  

The answer to the question can other souls enter your physical body when you leave. I believe there can never be a complete insertion by another soul because you are connected by an astral cord. The cord separation occurs only at death. Slamming back into the body only occurs when the physical body is being disturbed. You again can learn to control re-entry by commanding correct thought. I explored the earth dimensions for a couple of years. My life really changed when I started seeking galactic life and found they could not only see me but they could communicate with me.

Astral projection or OBE’s are fun and everyone has the ability. Just release all fear; you do astral traveling all the time in your sleep. The difference is consciousness. It is much more interesting when you consciously do it.

Be Love Always  

Rev Jay


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