Psychic Answers by Rev James – Guided Messages-


Let me tell you what my guide’s want me to share. This year shall be similar in many ways to last year physically on the earth plane. New magnetic energy will cause many earth shifts. It is a recalibration and this energy is exciting. The lifting of another level of the veils occurs in 2014 making your awaking easier to tap into. The first integration will be Jan 17, 2014

2014 is about allowing your energies to almost magically transform you and your life. It shall bring in the manifestations and the realizations of even a higher level of understanding and fulfillment. It fills me full of excitement because many other people will be awaking. It is important to remember that each of us are awaking at our chosen time. The integration and expansion is not just at one level. Once awakened you then learn levels of expansion. The levels of change will occur in the third dimensional world, as well as in your ethereal world.

We agreed, to be here at this point in time. In 2013 we were the supporting light for the ascension for the entire world; now in 2014 we shall be in new creation of the highest levels of self. This time is what we have been waiting for. The energies this year will come as a flow much like last year but we will be receive the energy with a balancing and integration. The 2013 grounding energies being a buffer for the highers light levels ahead in 2014. The flow of these new waves will be much less abrupt to the human physical.

When weather change persist and earth shift flow seem extreme, just know this is all working towards the complete integration of the new energies. The world economy will also be shifting, as well as governments. There will be four major shifts in the first six month of 2014. I am limiting my reading to stay within six month because so much can shift and new outcome are emerging with the shifts, we embrace or receive.

Your ability to manifest your life desires in all the aspects of divine perception, shall be a most positive. There will be great changes in people. Religion will shift from exclusion to inclusion. Back in 60’s we saw a love generation, a similar shift is occurring. A few areas of the world will transform to a peaceful existence. New banking laws will cause the world to shift back to a gold standard. Do not fear for the corruption in the money system will end with many legal arrests.  The change in currency will bring a new prosperity

New technology is going to change global health conditions and will expand our ability to feed the world. This all will be in 2014- you will find support and answers within- each of us experiencing individual growth. We need to send love and healing to Japan for that crisis is not over yet. The healing energy needed to correct this will require world co-operation and a call for truth. 

The most important changes are going to be individual. It is important to take time to look within. Step into the loving guidance of the “God of your understanding”. Last January I made a resolution to “be love” for all who I came in contact with. I tried to find the love of “The Christed One” in everyone and also to be non-Judgmental. I feel I succeeded. My success has brought great joy, peace, happiness and so much new strength, on so many  levels.

I wondered where I should go from here. I asked and the answer was I need to try to achieve “perfect love”. My response was there is no “perfect” and I did not understand what was being asked of me. One thing, I now know is; on the ethereal level perfect love is indeed possible. I will move towards this most humbling of experiences. I am not sure how to gain this “perfect love” but I will expand to the highest levels of possibility for me. I am open to  “perfect love” and sharing this empowering knowledge to help others. How much better can it get than that? 2014 is going to be so much fun!!!!

 Step into your truths expand, expand, expand. Even when you think you cannot achieve greater wisdom, there is always more to discover.

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev Jay  

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