Psychic Answers by Rev James – Psychic Love Balancing

Love has been the most sought after answer this month. Our desire for remembrance, of our monad families and our twin flames and soul mate is increasing because the love vibration of the fifth dimension is increasing.

Love is so magical and its essence is so powerful; it is the nature of all creation. Source/God so loved us he created us. Every soul and essence in existence is Source/Gods creation. Source/Gods’ love is so vast it extends before time and beyond time. This is very hard to comprehend in our third dimensional world. However times are a changing.

The re-awakening of the human population has started, many times referred to as the ascension. The elevation of divine source love is now being shared and many of us are teaching it and extending it. This teaching and extending of love, has allowed a shift that is moving steadily forward upon this earth.

This elevation is perceived in many ways for we are all individuals having our own experience.  The desire to love and be loved in my understanding, is how this mass awakening shall occur. We as a population need a third dimensional method to understand the new vibration. This awakening and yearning for humans is most easily understood in one on one relationship.

The magic occurs when we discover” to love is to be love” and it is far more expansive than just one on one relationship. To be love, to all and all to be love back, is very hard for our humanness to understand. So perceptually we seek love outside of our self. We do not understand why it is not happening for us.

There is so much more to love than can be expressed in a blog. I want to help as many of you as possible, because I am love, and I wholly give love. I do love you all.

To find that true love, that soul mate, that twin flame, your soul family you must go within first. Enter your soul and remember who you are. Remember you are Gods’ child, his divinity, his joy, his essence, his creation. I can say who you are a hundred ways but only you can drink in the truth. When you choose that remembrance the most exceptional love is found. It is found in your true essence, in your true authenticity first.

Anyone can find a relationship. To find love is to be love. It starts by eliminating all the illusion you are not perfect. You must release all the lies and deception others have deceived you into believing. You must let go of all the anger and non-forgiveness. We have all been living a standard set by someone else.  Correct love has never been taught. It holds power so strong no human can have control over it; so humans have made it elusive and not achievable.

I am love always. I am my truth; I live from love, as a source of love; I see love in all; when I do not see love I reflect why or on how I can change my experience to love. I am always forgiving, especially to myself. My joy and love have always made me the richest person in the room. I live in gratitude for everything; I am forever grateful for my wisdom.

When you open to your divinity, the most excellent relationships occur. The highest excellence of one on one bonding and the most sacred sharing of your body. A truly magical copulation of intimacy. A truly  orgasmic copulation for all eternity.

Choose to be love from within and correct love will fill your life.  When your soul vibration matches its’ true essence your twin flame finds remembrance and seeks the reconnection. When you raise your vibration you connect to your soul family, they step forward in remembrance. When you raise your vibration it is Grace that provides the way. Try to remember it is by Grace not deeds you find heaven. Open to Grace and become Love

Be Love Always

Rev Jay



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