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Opening the door to the month of February

On February 2, 2014 a new and exciting portal will be opened. This is great news for our enlightened future. This will allow the activation of the dormant DNA strands, that for many years scientists have called it our “Junk DNA”. I know science has always tried with true intention to explain our life and the human existence. I see the constant repeal of what is so called scientific fact. I shudder to understand why we value scientific evidence as the “only proof”.

It is absolutely and scientifically proven science fails. The sureties and validations made by science, again and again have proven incorrect. The need for the human experience to quantify and to relegate our truths and hand your truths to anyone besides yourself; needs to stop. It is not that science does not have a place and a value in society; it is the relinquishment of our power to an external authority claiming absolutism and negating anyone who believes different.

When we give our human power away; our choices, our essence, to other human authority. We become drones of conformity. Conformity ruled beliefs – fail us. We must always maintain our inner power, our inner choices, are authenticity, and we must own them and live them. When we no longer seek to have dreams or goals we lose the human experience and we cease to be. We cease to be the creators we are.  Life is to be discovered not dictated. When we give our voice or if our voices are denied; we deny our creations and experiences. When a scientist said we cannot travel beyond the speed of light. It was a limitation to reality. In creation all is possible. Science again was proven wrong.

If a person actually sits in during an experiment, their mere presence alters the results. That is why science created isolation rooms. How does science explain this? It can’t; or is incapable of explaining these phenomena. Since science cannot clarify it, it does not give it scientific value. If our science does not give credence to something they dismiss it as not real. I can say science has come a long way. With science many postulations have been proven. New discoveries in science are very valuable.However, science is not the end all. We have seen many discoveries lead to newer postulations and end up proving the old standard was incorrect.

Psychic ability is available to everyone. The phenomena may not be credible to science. I know, I can heal people, with “distant healing”. I know, I connect to other dimensions. I know, I get angelic assistance. I know, I see and feel peoples light or auroras. I know, I see through vision into past lives, current lives and upcoming events. I know, that Source God exists. I cannot validate for Science. I cannot validate God through me energy or the other dimensional realms.  How, are people healed from my work, they just are. Science has its place and I have my place. If I left all I am,do and can be to Science I would have been erased. Disqualified as not scientifically quantifiable and there for not true. I have a success rate. It may not be able to be quantified by science but it works anyway, I use God through me. How much better can it get than that! February 2014 is generating a new movement in our ascension. Whether science believes it or not. Don’t dismiss your truths ever.

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James



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