Little Flower -Poems by Rev. James 8/15/2013

        Little flower, little flower,  I see your petals a flutter

         Breathe the wind

      Drink the rain

      For soon you shall see the sunshine again

                                Little flower, in my garden

                       A gift! A gift, from God

            How I love to gaze upon you

And share with you my love

                         Little flower, little flower  Lovely little flower

                                 Your color, your viberance, your love

                                    A gift sent from the heavens above

                                          His greatest symbol of love;


                     Ah, little flower, my sweet little flower

                   Glorious is the day we are in

                  Open your heart

                  Put on a smile

                  That is where to begin

                 Celebrate Celebrate

                  For his glory is seen through you

                 In all you are

                 In all you can

                 In all you say and do                      

                 Remember, my little flower

                “As he loves you, the world does too”


             © 7-2012

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